The debut album from
Future Perfect Records:


Original Songs by LGBTQ+ Youth

An astronaut with a white spacesuit stands in the middle of the photo, on a grey cratered moon. Facing to the right of the image, they hold a rainbow flag, which has a triangle with layers of black, brown, blue, pink and white at the beginning of it. The pole attached to the flag is the height of the astronaut, though is raised a bit higher above them with their left arm. In their white fabric cover helmet is a reflection of the flag. Behind them is a black, dotted white sky of stars. A large black shadow is cast across the moon's surface, behind the astronaut.



The Future Perfect Project believes that the artistic expression of young people is a declaration of a better future for us all. By making safe spaces for LGBTQ+ Youth & Allies to express themselves through the arts, connect with one another, and amplify their voices, FPP is creating a future where every young person feels safe, seen, and celebrated in their home and community.


In light of the current pandemic, we have shifted our in-person programs to an online format. The Future Perfect Online Workshops (FPOW) are a weekly lineup of programming designed to help Queer & Allied Young People express their innermost truth through visual art, writing, and performance.

“I started out quarantine…and I wouldn’t even share my songs with my sister or my best friend. I started doing this workshop…and it’s made me so much more comfortable in my vulnerability. I owe a lot to all of you at FPP. You have changed my life so much, and I’m just so insanely grateful...” 

Logan, Minnesota

“A lot of these workshops have helped me, not "get over,” but face a lot of trauma I have, and helped me cope with it. And I’ve met a lot of people who if I talked to a little bit more I would consider friends…and family!”

Reed, Florida

writer of the podcast
"Spirit Radio"

"FPP has done so much for me, especially since COVID-19 hit. I’ve made friends on the other side of the country and gained a sense of community that I hadn’t had before. It has helped me grow as an artist and a person, and has provided me a safe space to feel my feelings as queerly as I want."

Levi, Philadelphia

“I had never considered myself a writer. I was really good at it in grade school/middle school…and then I just kinda of dropped it…Future Perfect brought it back like a storm…I didn’t think it was my thing, and then Future Perfect made it my thing. I can’t imagine my life without Future Perfect”

Sarah, Minnesota



We encourage art as activism and help students express themselves by exploring different artistic mediums through which they can amplify their authentic queer voices. Students have created collaborative works and individual pieces that highlight their powerful creative vision.


“The work that The Future Perfect Project does with LGBTQ+ young people is amazing. Within 45 minutes the youth had written lyrics about their own life experiences and collaborated to weave the lyrics together into song. Ryan and James’ caring spirit and great facilitation skills allow so much creativity to flow around tough, personal topics.”