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Future Perfect Records

Future Perfect Records is an application-based collective of young LGBTQIA+ songwriters who come together from around the country to create an album over the course of several months. During this time, they learn writing and music industry skills from guest queer music makers, are mentored by FPP facilitators, and hone in on their original voice as an artist. The final product is a declaration of a better future through song, written and performed entirely by queer youth and produced by an entirely LGBTQIA+ team.


Check out, Not What You Pictured, our first full length compilation album and our second installment of FP Records. You can support the album on our Bandcamp and stream it anywhere you listen to music. Listen to our first release, Generation Reclamation, below!


Interested in making art in queer community? Join our network.

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"When you’re a queer artist it often feels like you have to tone down yourself in creative spaces. With the Generation Reclamation I was able to work with queer songwriters who didn’t want us to hold back."

LOGAN, age 17

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