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FPP Actors Academy 7pm-9pm ET / 4pm-6pm PT
JAN 30th, FEB 2nd, FEB 6th, FEB 9th

A brand new acting and performance workshop for
LGBTQ+ Youth, ages 13-21


Facilitators Z Infante (they/them) and Myles Tripp (he/him) will lead a cohort of young performers through a 4-PART WORKSHOP to sharpen their skills, build community with other young performers, and identify their own personal mission statement as a rising queer performer in the arts. Individual workshops include: Acting for the Camera, Musical Theater Audition Technique, Theater Movement, and My Personal Artistic Mission.

Note: This is a 2-week, 4-session commitment with required attendance at each session to participate.

Applications are now closed for the 2022-2023 Season.

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