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Atlantic For Kids and The Future Perfect Project an present interactive performance piece,

"The Last Grove," in New York City in June 2022


The Last Grove is an interactive, outdoor theatre piece for young audiences about climate justice, identity, and the way we name the world around us. Five hundred years from now, trees have taken on the form of humans in order to save themselves from human climate damage. But humans may not outlast every other species after all, and the trees are now on a mission to revert to their original form. Will the trees figure out how to return to the grove, or will human hubris run out the clock?


A crucial seed of this piece is the question, What are we doing when we name something? We name things to make them “real,” to acknowledge their value, to acknowledge their very existence. Naming is a method of activation and agitation: the ritual speaking of names is a core practice in today’s racial justice movement. Naming oneself can also be a part of "outing" oneself - from declaring one's sexual identity to stating one's pronouns to changing one's name to resonate with one's gender identity. The climate crisis is so often invisible until it is, tragically, not. The Last Grove piece intends to be, in part, an exercise in making the invisible visible, in the hopes that giving name and voice to the “more than human” world will allow us to engage with it more deeply.


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Jeanna Phillips: I am a theatre maker and educator who creates work for people of all ages. I develop new theatre as a songwriter and creator in collaboration with fellow multidisciplinary artists. I am constantly in the process of integrating my creative career with my work as an educator— interrogating how I can sew my values as an art maker into my teaching practice, and vice versa. I’m interested in creating accessible structures that redefine traditional collaborative roles and invite new theatre-makers and non-performers to take ownership of theatre making. I value courageous strangeness, rigorous playfulness, and radical empathy.

nicHi douglas: i am an experimental theater maker and creative producer; i am also an artivist and organizer. my creative work is focused on better understanding the self (and one’s lineage) through imaginative emotional study. while i usually center Black women & femmes in my work, the Theater for Young Audiences extension of my practice is focused on all young voices and minds. i create multidisciplinary works of Afro Absurdism, investigatory spectacle, and now, environmentally-engaged theater that doubles as a climate justice curriculum.  i work in close collaboration with other artists to devise and/or develop these new works, often creating a distinct collaborative process that is reflective of, or directly aligned with, the material being generated. i value self-discovery and care.

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